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See the world through the eyes of a formally trained photographer and architect with over 40 years of experience

I want to share the places, landscapes, and buildings that captivate me, move me, and inspire me. I believe there are sights out there that beg to be seen and I strive to capture the feeling, emotion and human experience in each photo. Whether it's the stillness of a sunset, an echo of a former empire, a serenity of a sun-lit brook, a majestic cedar yielding to mites, or a spirited rebellion of an Art-Deco structure, I always aim to find a unique angle.

Experience some of the most
beautiful places on Earth

Photography is about more than just taking pictures. It's about experiencing and understanding a place and discovering what makes it special. That's why I take the time to explore and photograph each location, getting to know its sights, people, history, and culture. My goal is to help you connect with the world through authentic, beautifully crafted photography and transport yourself to new locations. Check out my blog for travel stories.

What you'll find here

Architectural Photography

Beyond cityscapes and landmark buildings, architectural photography at Wandering Graphics is about finding unusual shots that capture your imagination and bring a unique edge even to heavily photographed buildings.

Landscape Photography

Surround yourself with immersive, large-scale landscape photography or bring a splash of natural beauty into your home with a smaller print.

Travel Photography

Let my travel photos take you on a journey as I venture around the United States and across the globe. I am starting out with my collection of photos from the Southwest. Check back often for new collections.

Make your home a haven

Select from art that relaxes, excites and inspires you to create a mood and feel that reflects your style. I hope my images help you discover and hone in on your style.

Customers Reviews

Joanne G

Aline has been a long time client of mine and I’ve seen her various types of photography. All are amazing, from landscapes, to architecture to abstract. I bought a BEAUTIFUL landscape of a sun set which is in my living room now ! I highly recommend her photography as it is amazing !

MC Riachi

Aline has an amazing eye; she finds the intrinsic beauty in the smallest  of details in both urban and natural landscapes and shares it with the viewer through her camera.  In addition to her award winning photography career, Aline’s long career as an architect is another added benefit as she offers precious advice on size, placement and proportion of the photographs to make sure they enhance any room. I wholeheartedly recommend Wandering Graphics as the go to site for adding beauty to your home. 

Anne B

I am proud to have an original work by Aline hanging in my home. It has been a central piece for many years and has always garnered favorable comments and admiration. Aline’s use of color and attention to detail commands that each photograph  be considered a work of art.